Plural Of Compound Nouns

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  • Compound nouns are of three kinds: open, closed, and hyphenated. Not all authorities agree as to which is which or where the plural goes. Open compounds are written as separate words: Grand Jury Knight Templar post office court martial free lunch. The principal word in the compound takes the plural: Grand Juries Knights Templar post offices.
  • The plural inflection — s or its variants — should be attached to the element of an open or hyphenated compound noun that changes in number. Hence, for example, “chief of staff” becomes “chiefs of staff,” not “chief of staffs” and “mother-in-law” becomes “mothers-in-law,” not “mother-in-laws.”.

PLURAL OF COMPOUND NOUNS. Omar Faruk April 16, 2021. There are three groups of (plural of compound nouns) 1.

What is a compound noun? A compound noun is a noun which is made by putting two or more words together. Sometimes the words coming together to make the compound noun are hyphenated whereas other times they are not.

Form The Plural Of Compound Nouns

Learn english with adam how to use preposition. Examples of compound nouns include the following:

  • Father-in-law
  • Rule of thumb
  • Court-martial
  • Eyelash
  • Flashback
  • Foothold
  • Photocopy
  • Mother-in-law
  • Swimming pool
  • Baby-sitter

The majority of compound nouns are made up of two nouns coming together. But you can also have compound nouns being made up of an adjective and a noun put together. Examples of a compound noun formed by joining an adjective plus a noun include highway, full moon, soft copy, etc.

Nouns and verbs can also come together and form compound nouns. For example: sunrise and breakfast.


Nouns and prepositions can also be placed together to form compound nouns. For example: time-out and checkout.

Forming plurals of compound nouns

How do we go about forming the plurals of compound nouns?

There is one major rule that needs to be followed when forming the plurals of compound nouns. The rule is to find the principal word in the compound noun and pluralize it.

  • If the words that make up the compound noun are joined together by a hyphen or are separated from each other by spaces, then you can get the plural form by finding the principal or main word and making it plural. Example:
Plural Of Compound Nouns

List Of Plural Nouns

Lieutenant generalLieutenant generals

Plural Of Compound Nouns Exercises

More often than not, we make the plural by adding ‘s’ to the main word in the compound noun.


Plural Forms Of Compound Nouns

  • If the compound noun is made up of words that are neither separated by a space nor joined together by a hyphen, then the plural is formed by considering the whole word as a single word and using the rules of forming a plural. More often than not, you simply add ‘s’ to the end of the word. Here, you do not need to look for the principal word. Example: