Physics Games

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Physics games rely on using a balance or falling mechanic to create challenges. Most of these games are about obstacle courses, rather than fighting. Although they look simple, physics games are quite hard to master. They can be found as 2D side-scrollers, platformers and targeting-shooting games, to name a few. Here is a collection of our top physics games for you to play. These include the famous Flight Simulator C130 Training, the extremely addictive Moto X3M Pool Party, the ultra fun Offraod SUV Stunt Jeep Driving 4x4 and 534 more! A demonstration of Ragdoll Physics where Bush is pulling down into a never ending pit. Join other players talking about games. Learn english grammar test. Visit the Y8 Forum.

Introduction to Motion
Projectile Motion I
Projectile Motion II
2-dimensional Projectile Motion
Optimal Angle for a Projectile
Newton's Law of Motion
Newton's Laws Examples & Problems
Newton's Laws & Vectors
Tension in Physics
Mass & Friction on an Inclined Plane
Moving Pulley
Momentum in Physics
Work & Energy
Mechanical Advantage
Center of Mass, Torque & Moments
Unit Vectors & Projectile Motion
Centripetal Acceleration
Centripetal Acceleration - Proof
Angular Velocity & Angular Momentum
Newton's Law of Gravitation
Springs & Hooke's Law
Harmonic Motion
FluidsPressure and Pascal's Principle
FluidsArchimedes' principle, buoyant forces & moving fluids
FluidsBernoulli's Equation
ElectrostaticsCoulomb's Law & Electric Fields
Electric Potential Energy, Voltage, Capacitance
Cross Product
MagnetismMagnetic Field
MagnetismMagnetic Force
MagnetismElectric Motors
Dot Product
Doppler Effect
Specular & Diffuse Reflection
Refraction & Snell's Law
Virtual Image, Parabolic Mirrors & Real Images
Convex & Concave Lenses
Object Image & Focal Distance Relationship

Fantastic Contraption was originally a building game made way back in 2008. Millions of people played it obsessively and saved over 12 million contraptions. You can still play it for free. For years we loved the idea of a 3d Fantastic Contraption but couldn't figure out how it would work. Then we tried the Vive.
The new Fantastic Contraption has been designed from the ground up for room-scale VR. Imagine walking around a grassy island in the sky while you build a machine the size of a horse with your own hands. Press play and watch it trundle off to reach the goal on the other side of the island. With 40+ levels and infinite solutions, it's a VR experience you and your friends will play for hours.
Fantastic Contraption was a launch title bundled with the HTC Vive and is also available for Oculus Touch and PS VR. Download screenshots and more at our presskit or contact us at [email protected]