Partners In English Language Learning

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  1. Skills in any language are important, but skills in English can be one of the most impactful for creating new opportunities in your career and your personal life. English is the most widely-used language globally, spoken by 1.5 billion people from all over the world. Moreover, the vast majority of these people aren’t native English speakers.
  2. Partners in English Language Learning, Nevada City, California. PiELL helps English language learners become thriving members of our community.

Past perfect continuous passive example. Best language teaching methods. Partners in English Language Learning (PiELL) offers free one-on-one ESL tutoring to adults in Nevada County.


JOIN Partners in English Language Learning and make life easier for non-native English speakers in our community. We all benefit from it.

Lost in a Crowd

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Hundreds of Nevada County residents who are not native speakers of English feel lost when asking for directions, reading product labels, filling out job applications, talking to their children's teachers, or making medical appointments. These hard-working, motivated families represent a growing number of adults living in our community, often invisible, who want to learn to improve or refine their English speaking and reading skills.