Odd One Out Examples With Answers

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This simple activity practises vocabulary and to some extent speaking. Make a list of four or five words, all but one of which have something in common. Ask the students to find the 'odd-one-out'.

Odd One Out requires reasoning about the features of several shapes to deduce the one shape that does not fit in with the rest. Articles Odd One Out assesses deductive reasoning, which is the core cognitive ability to apply rules to information in order to arrive at a logical conclusion. Part 1: Odd-one-out: CHOOSE THE ITEM (CRUISE SHIP) that does not belong to the group (cruise lines). Write in full your answers. There will be 2 answer for each (cruise ship and the cruise line where it belongs) answers may come more than once Example: A. Pursuit Answer – Example 1.

  • Odd one out Practice Questions: Level 03 Learn to solve the tricky questions based on odd one out. The answer key and explanations are given for the practice questions.
  • To demonstrate this let's review some example questions. For the following consider the below images. Your task is to inspect all four boxes and find out which box is odd one out. That is, what image does not share characteristic of the other three images. Take no more than 30 seconds to mark the answer. After you finish review the explanation.
  • The following test is a sample taken from the Mensa Book and this Odd One Out Mensa Quiz is rated difficult. Which snake is the odd one out? Rattlesnake (answer: python) 2. Which tree does not belong to the same family as the others? Chestnut (answer: weeping.
Odd One Out Examples With Answers

Don't be surprised if they come up with some surprising answers. Just ask them to justify their choice. You may well find it logical. Take, for example:

The odd ones out book
  • dog, cat, donkey, dragon

The answer could be dragon (because it is the only mythical creature) or catNegative questions worksheets. (because all the other words start with 'd').

Ideally, the students should phrase their justification in a form such as:

  • I think the odd-one-out is dragonbecause it is a mythical creature and all the others are real creatures.

Here are some suggested words. You can easily find more. And one good exercise is to ask your students to create some lists (along with valid justifications).

wordssome possible answers
dog, cat, donkey, dragoncat - begins c
dragon - mythological
banana, tomato, peach, apple, pearbanana - shape
Thailand, Singapore, Tokyo, England, VietnamTokyo - city, not country
England - not in Asia
car, aeroplane, truck, bus, trainaeroplane - flies
truck - not for passengers
train - guided by rails
camera, computer, television, telephone, fax-machinecamera - doesn't need electricity
television - 4 syllables
love, hatred, fear, greed, angerlove - positive
greed - not an emotion
hotel, motel, town-house, condominium, classroomcondominium - 5 syllables
classroom - not for residence
water, bottle, shop, pencil, riverwater - uncountable noun
branch, strawberry, anvil, iceberg, boatanvil - doesn't float in water

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Odd one out examples with answers questions

Can you work out which is the odd one out and why?

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Odd One Out Questions


Odd One Out Examples With Answers Multiple Choice

1.Alan Shepard, Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, Buzz Aldrin?
John Glenn - the others have walked on the moon
2.Mean Machine, Bulletproof Bomb, Compact Pussycat, Dragon Wagon?
Dragon Wagon - the others were vehicles in the cartoon 'Wacky Races'
3.Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, John F Kennedy, Marco Polo?
Albert Einstein - the others have airports named after them
4.Jackson, Collins, Denver, Austin?
Collins - the others are American state capitals
5.Death On The Nile, The Sign Of The Four, The Mysterious Affair At Styles, Sparkling Cyanide?
The Sign Of The Four - the others are books by Agatha Christie, this is a book by Arthur Conan Doyle
6.Saruman, Arwen, Elrond, Legolas?
Saruman - the others are Elves in 'Lord Of The Rings', Saruman is a Wizard
7.Northern, District, Central, Eastern?
Eastern - the others are lines on the London Underground
8.Silver, Ivory, Marble, Diamond?
Marble - the others are types of wedding anniversary
9.Diana Ross, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Ferry Aid?
Diana Ross - the only one that Paul McCartney has not had a number one hit with
10.'A burp is not an answer', 'The new kid is a person too', 'Goldfish don't bounce', 'I was not the sixth Beatle'?
'The new kid is a person too' - all the others were written on the blackboard by Bart on the opening credits of 'The Simpsons'

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