Occasion Spelling

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occasion noun

‘Opportunity refers to the occasion suitable for or conducive to the behavior, including such factors as geography and time.’ ‘The occasion arose through the trip of the old people to Poppleton, given by Captain Grace, on the ‘River King’ a few weeks before.’. English Translation of “d’occasion” The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. Over 100,000 English translations of French words and phrases. Occasion (n.) late 14c., occasioun, 'opportunity; grounds for action or feeling; state of affairs that makes something else possible; a happening, occurrence leading to some result,' from Old French ochaison, ocasion 'cause, reason, excuse, pretext; opportunity' (13c.) or directly from Latin occasionem (nominative occasio) 'opportunity, appropriate time,' in Late Latin 'cause,' from occasum.

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  • What is the definition of SPECIAL OCCASION? What is the meaning of SPECIAL OCCASION? How do you use SPECIAL OCCASION in a sentence? What are synonyms for SPECIAL OCCASION?
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1 time when sth happens


Correct Spelling Of Words

ADJ. many, numerous It was the first of many such occasions. rare previous separate

VERB + OCCASION recall, remember

PREP. on an/the ~ The police were called out on 24 separate occasions. on ~(s) He has even been known to go shopping himself on occasion.

PHRASES a number of occasions I have stayed there on a number of occasions. on one occasion On one occasion he even rang me in the middle of the night. on that/this ~ On this occasion, as it happens, the engine started immediately.

Occasion Spelling

2 suitable time

ADJ. right, suitable

OCCASION + VERB arise I'll speak to him if the occasion arises.

PREP. ~ for It should have been an occasion for rejoicing.

PHRASES have occasion to do sth Last year we had occasion to visit relatives in Cornwall.

3 special event

ADJ. auspicious, big, great, important, memorable, momentous, special festive, happy, joyous formal, sad, solemn social ceremonial, state The Queen's coach is only used for state occasions.

VERB + OCCASION celebrate, mark a party to mark the occasion of their daughter's graduation rise to The choir rose to the occasion and sang beautifully.

Occasion Spelling Check

PHRASES for all occasions, for every occasion We sell cards and notepaper for all occasions. a sense of occasion On the day of the wedding there was a real sense of occasion.