Noun Paris Restaurant

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I want to elevate the humble vegetable to a grand cru.

Alain Passard

Jul 27, 2020 - Noun opened its doors in March 2016 in the 18th district of Paris. The identity translates the warm and elegant atmosphere of the restaurant by using a soft colour palette of greens, pink, yellow and gold. The logo, based on the structure of the shelves of the bar, creates an intriguing sign that is. Hotel / Restaurants. Noun Restaurant Bar cladding made of Panbeton® Modern. Panbeton® Modern bar cladding of restaurant Noun in the 18th arrondissement in Paris. Product: Panbeton® Modern Colours/Finishing: 200. Architect: Jade JUSTE et Olga NOUSSE - JUST'N'NOUSSE.


“For me, Autumn is a all about celery, swede, leeks, endives, apples and mushrooms.”

Noun Restaurant Paris

“At L’Arpège, every ingredient comes with its own passport and provenance, and we know the experts behind all our products: gardeners, cheese makers, livestock breeders, fisherman, etc. I love working with people I know and trust!”

“The best cookbook ever written was by Mother Nature herself. What a joy it is to quench your thirst, in summer, with a tomato gazpacho with mustard, or a minted cucumber salad. And in winter, what a pleasure to warm up with a creamy celeriac gratin, or a leek and potato soup!”

Our menus are guided by the seasons.

“I like growing my own vegetables, combining two métiers I love : cook and gardener. I’ve entrusted my creativity to Nature in these gardens, and it is she who guides my hand.”

Noun: A small room located behind the main kitchen

Synonyms: scullery, larder.Books, collages, prints, bronzes…the Arrière-Cuisine is where Chef Alain Passard exhibits his artistic creations!
Just a stone’s throw from L’Arpège, this venue showcases the Chef’s love of grand gestures, and the importance of involving all five senses in his culinary creations.

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Noun Paris Restaurant

84, Rue de Varenne
75007 Paris


33 (0)1 47 05 09 06
[email protected]

The restaurant is open Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner.

No car valet service.

Suivez le chef @alain_passard