My Head Is Like A Sieve

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SieveThis week has been a tremendous week of FAIL.

My mama's talkin' to me She tells me how to live, But I don't listen to her 'Cause my head is like a sieve. Mind like a sieve - Examples: 1) We all know a few people who seem to have a mind like a sieve when it comes to remembering to carry your phone at all times. Learn telugu words in english. Signal phrases examples. 2) The legendary race caller Bill Collins told him you need a mind like a sieve: let it fill with information, but hold it fleetingly.

I managed to go to work on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, then the earache became too much. I could not get an appointment with my regular doctor until Friday, so I stayed home Thursday and Friday because it just hurt too much and I was right on the edge of being dizzy the whole time. (I say WAS but I actually still AM.) The prognosis was ear infection, and I left with many prescriptions. Antibiotics, vicodin, and nasonex. And a refill on my giant ibuprofen, which I can take along with the vicodin. The pain is really extreme. Dr. F explained that-apparently the nerve that controls the whole side of the face and head and into the neck goes right through the ear canal, and my ear canal is very inflamed so it feels like my teeth are falling out, my cheekbone is bulging, my neck is about to implode, and my ear itself about to exBleeding-plode in a gory gush of goo. It's good to know it only feels that way, and there's actually nothing going on beyond an ear infection. Except being unable to sleep because the FIERY SPIKES IN MY HEAD start up again about every four hours.
It's better today, but not gone by any means.

A Mind Like A Sieve

So I've been spinning a lot while I've been off. I am not motivated to knit at all. Poor Bob. His sweater languishes in a project bag while I merrily dance about in heaps of yummy blue-faced leicester and falkland. I spun up Cosy's falkland fiber that I got a couple of weeks ago.
It did not feel that soft while I was spinning it, but holy cats, it is as soft as could be. A smooshy, squishy kind of soft, not a silky kind. Hard to explain, but amazing.
133 yards of a 3 ply aran weight. Will make a nice hat for someone. Maybe one of my kids. I don't know. I can't think beyond the wool right now, and that is different for me.
In an effort to spin a MEGASKEIN of sock yarn, I started with almost six ounces of fiber. The Fire Lizard fiber I got at the knit expo.
Here are two of the three plies-the top bobbin is the merino/tencel blend and the bottom one is the BFL. Nice full bobbins. I expected a nice yardage of yarn.
Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans. I ended up with about 340 yards of three ply sportweight. I don't get it. But it's some dense, compact yarn with amazing sheen. I think the BFL is a more 'compact' fiber than other kinds, at least that's what I read on a ravelry forum.
Pretty, isn't it?
My head is like a sieveI'm currently spinning the six ounces of multicolored BFL that I got at the same place. I'm going for thin, and I did some experimenting with the way I'm splitting up the colors so we'll see how that turns out. I think it's probably a good thing that I'm a process spinner. I enjoy the act of spinning more than the finished yarn most of the time. Anyway, hopefully there will be photos of that soon.

My Head Is Like A Sieve

Got a new phone today-it is very confusing and makes me feel impossibly old and unable to handle technology. I might actually take it back to the sprint store. It's over my head. But I'll wait a couple days and see if I can get the hang of it.

Other than that, I'm just trying to heal up and rest as much as possible. The house is a mess and needs to be vacuumed. The laundry isn't done. I've been doing a good deal of interesting cooking and I think Bob appreciates that. Hopefully I'll make it to work at some point this week. Fortunately, my caseload is pretty well under control, except for the filing and that's just a matter of finding time to do it.
Well, off to get that laundry finished, and hopefully get a good night's sleep tonight. That's half the trouble, I think, is that I'm just not sleeping well.