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  • In connection with much / many people often speak of countable nouns and uncountable nouns. Countable nouns have a singular and a plural form. In plural, these nouns can be used with a number (that's why they are called 'countable nouns'). Countable nouns take many.
  • The remaining amount is your 'countable income'. Step 2: We subtract your 'countable income' from the SSI Federal benefit rate. The result is your monthly SSI Federal benefit as follows: 1) Your Total Income - Your income that we do not count = Your countable income. 2) SSI Federal benefit rate - Your countable.

Much, More, Many. I need many practice exercises. – countable like x number of exercises. I need much practice. – means a lot of, but no exact number and no comparison. I need more practice. – what I am doing currently is not enough. More of, much of, many of Often, these words are used with the preposition of. I want more of the pancakes.

Much Countable

Money itself, such as dollars, francs, pesos, and pounds, can be counted. However, the word money is not a countable noun. The word money behaves in the same way as other noncount nouns like water, sand, equipment, air, and luck, and so it has no plural form.

You wouldn't say 'I have five money.' You would say 'I have five dollars/francs/pesos/pounds.'

Because many is used with count nouns and much is used with noncount nouns, the sentence should read 'How much does this cost' or 'How muchmoney does this cost?'

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In the sentence 'How much does this cost' the word money is not explicitly stated. This happens often. Sometimes, the word money is not stated but another word like dollars is. In this case, you should still use much, as in the example below.

I think a hundred dollars is too much for that shirt.

Even though the word dollars is used, much is still modifying money. You could also say 'I think a hundred dollars is too much money for that shirt.'

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Much Countable Or Uncountable

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Much Countable Or Uncountable


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