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Healthy indian dishes. When you want to say the time of 12 noon in English, will people use AM or PM?

When talking about time, we usually calculate it according to a 12-hour or 24-hour system. To clearly distinguish between the hours of morning and afternoon, people often use the 24-hour system or use two symbols AM and PM in English.

  1. AM (Ante Meridiem = Before midday): Before 12 noon (before 1/2 day).
  2. PM (Post Meridiem = After midda): After 12 noon (after half a day).

While most people would use 12pm to mean 12 noon, technically this isn't quite right. The abbreviation am stands for ante-meridiem (before the Sun has crossed the meridian line), and pm stands for post-meridiem (after the Sun has crossed the meridian line). At 12 noon, the Sun is at its highest point in the sky and directly over the meridian. It is therefore neither 'ante' (am) nor 'post' (pm) meridiem. Well, the correct answer may surprise you because it is actually neither. That’s right; technically noon is neither a.m. Although it is common to see noon expressed as 12:00 p.m., it is actually incorrect.

So, when you want to say the time of 12 noon in English, will people use AM or PM?

From the above definition, we can clearly see that noon and PM are at noon. But the 12-hour mark in a day is also considered to be 0 hours, the starting time of time.


Therefore, 12:00 noon will be understood as 00:00 PM (daytime), the start time of the afternoon. Meanwhile, 12:00 pm or 24:00 is interpreted as 00:00 AM, the start date of a new day.

To better understand how to use AM and PM symbols when it comes to timelines in English, you can refer to the following time format table:

Time format 12 hours 24 hours 12:00 (midnight) at 12pm

0:00 (start date)

Morning 12 Is Am Or Pm


24:00 (end of day)

12:01 AM 0:01 1:00 AM 1:00 2:00 AM 2:00 3:00 AM 3:00 4:00 AM 4:00 5:00 AM 5:00 6:00 AM 6:00 7 : 00 AM 7:00 8:00 AM 8:00 9:00 AM 9:00 10:00 AM 10:00 11:00 AM 11:00 12:00 PM or 12:00 PM (starting afternoon) 12: 00 12:01 PM 12:01 1:00 PM 13:00 2:00 PM 14:00 3:00 PM 15:00 4:00 PM 16:00 5:00 PM 17:00 6:00 PM 18:00 7:00 PM 19:00 8:00 PM 20:00 9:00 PM 21:00 10:00 PM 22:00 11:00 PM 23:00 Morning 12 Am Or Pm

For simplicity, you can understand that:


Is 12 O'clock In The Morning Am Or Pm


Midday 12 Am Or Pm

AM: Use with the morning time, starting from 00:00 to 12:00.

Lunch Time Is 12 Am Or Pm

PM: Use with the afternoon time, starting from 12:00:01 to 23:59:59.

Morning 12 Am Or Pm