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  • Definition and synonyms of would you mind from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. This is the British English definition of would you mind.View American English definition of would you mind. Change your default dictionary to American English.
  • Mind you A phrase used to indicate that someone must consider or pay attention to a particular piece of information. They are expensive, mind you, but the quality of their craftsmanship is worth the extra price. They can certainly afford to give some of their profits back to their employees, mind you.
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Informal —used in speech to give stress to a statement that one is making so that a preceding or following statement will not be misunderstood His advice wasn't very helpful. Meaning of formal english writing. Passive sentences examples. I'm not criticizing him, mind you. —often used in British English without you His advice wasn't very helpful. I'm not criticizing him, mind!

Related topics: Humanmindmind1 /maɪnd/S1W1 noun
1ability to think and imagine [countable, uncountable]HBH your thoughts or your ability to think, feel, and imagine thingsmentalIt is impossible to understand the complex nature of the human mind.Mind and body are closely related.Meditation involves focussing the mind on a single object or word.in somebody’s mindThere was no doubt in my mind that it was the right decision to make.Do you have a clear picture in your mind of what you want?A plan began to form in his mind.The event is still fresh in most people’s minds.independence/strength/flexibility of mindmen who were chosen for their independence of mind2change your mind3make up your mind/make your mind up4have somebody/something in mind (for something)5bear/keep somebody/something in mind6with somebody/something in mind7on your/somebody’s mind8get/put somebody/something out of your mind9cross/enter somebody’s mind
10go/run/flash etc through somebody’s mind11come/spring to mind
12character [countable] used to talk about the way that someone thinks and the type of thoughts they haveHe has a very devious mind.My naturally suspicious mind thought he might be lying.13intelligence [countable usually singular]INTELLIGENT your intelligence and ability to think, rather than your emotionsa mind trained to react with split-second accuracya brilliant/enquiring/logical etc minda bright child with an enquiring mind14intelligent person [countable] someone who is very intelligent, especially in a particular subject or activitySYN brainThis is one of the issues that has most interested military minds.Some of the finest minds in the country are working on the project.15state/frame of mind16to/in my mind17go/turn over something in your mind18be the last thing on somebody’s mind19take/keep/get somebody’s mind off something
Mind your meaning20set/put somebody’s mind at rest21it/that is a load/weight off somebody’s mind22prey on somebody’s mind23no one in their right mind ..24be out of your mind25be out of your mind with worry/grief etc26go out of your mind27somebody’s mind goes blank28go (right/clean) out of somebody’s mind29bring/call something to mindYou30put somebody in mind of somebody/something31stick/stay in somebody’s mind32be of one mind/of the same mind/of like mind33have a mind of your ownSynonym

And Mind You Meaning

34put/set/turn your mind to something35somebody’s mind is not on something36keep your mind on something37somebody’s mind wanders38somebody’s mind is racing39it’s all in the mindMind the business that pays you meaning

You Don't Mind Meaning

40in your mind’s eye41have it in mindMind you meaning in hindi

And Mind You Meaning

42have half a mind to do something43mind over matter

Mind Yourself Meaning

in/at the back of your mind, → blow somebody’s mind, → cast your mind back, → a closed mind(4), → be in/at/to the forefront of somebody’s mind/attention, → give somebody a piece of your mind, → great minds think alike, → know your own mind, → the mind boggles, → meeting of minds, → one-track mind, → an open mind, → out of sight, out of mind, → peace of mind(3), presence of mind, → read somebody’s mind, → set your heart/mind/sights on (doing) something, → be of sound mind3(5), → speak your mind, → be in two mindsTHESAURUSmind what you use to think and imagine thingsMy mind was full of big ideas.I never know what’s going on in her mind.At the back of my mind I had the funny feeling that I’d met her somewhere before.The same thoughts kept going through my mind and I couldn’t get to sleep.head the place where someone’s mind is – use this especially when talking about the thoughts that are in someone’s mindI can’t get him out of my head.You need to get it into your head that you’ve done nothing wrong.To keep myself calm, I counted to ten in my head.She’s so quiet – you never quite know what’s going on inside her head (=what she is thinking).subconscious the part of your mind that influences the way you think or behave, even though you may not realize this is happening, and which makes you have dreamsShe suddenly remembered a traumatic incident that had been buried deep in her subconscious.During the daytime our conscious minds are active, but during the night the subconscious takes over. psyche formal someone’s mind, especially their feelings and attitudes, and the way these influence their character – used especially when talking about people’s minds in generalThe need for love is deeply buried in our psyche.Freud has provided an account of the human psyche’s stages of development. The child is simply searching his psyche to find some past event that relates to his new experiences. mentality a particular way of thinking that a group of people have, especially one that you think is wrong or badI just don’t understand the mentality of these people.They all seem to have a kind of victim mentality, which makes them think that the world is permanently against them.the ego technical the part of your mind that gives you your sense of who you are – used especially in Freudianpsychologythe rational world of the ego and the irrational world of the unconscious