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Letter of Memorandum of Agreement Sample. Memorandum of Agreement Between JD Software and HellTech Computing. We the undersigned, in recognition of our aim of improving the browsing experience of home computer users, agree that we will work together and share technical specifications to develop an operating system and web browser, with seamless integration and cross platform support. Memorandum Letter Sample – How to Write a Memo. A memorandum letter or simply known as memo is a letter containing a statement that is usually written by higher authorities of an organization for the purpose of sharing information.

Memorandum Sample Letter

Letter of Memorandum of Understanding Sample

MEMORADUM OF UNDERSTANDING between the Oklahoma Department of Health and Department of Education. Promoting healthy living in school age children.

1) Purpose:

Our two departments have been tasked to develop a program to promote healthy living in school age children. This memorandum is to address the goals and challenges facing schools in our state in implementing healthy meal options, particularly the adoption of fruit as a daytime snack. To that end we must jointly complete the following tasks:

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– Develop a simple and fun science backed program, promoting the benefits of daily fruit consumption.

– Promote new healthy meal options on school menus, including information on ingredients and their benefits. List of positive and negative character traits pdf high school.

– Develop a system of collecting data and analyzing the success of the program over time.

2) Duration of Agreement:

The agreement will commence on October 03, 2012, and will continue for at least 3 years, upon which we will reevaluate our goals.

3) Responsibilities:


– The Department of Education is tasked with crafting the school programs, including posters, pamphlets, marketing slogans, and overall direction of the campaign. They will liaise with schools and school boards and closely monitor implementation of the program.

– The Department of Health is tasked with providing any scientific evidence and data in regard to the health benefits of the meal plans chosen by the DE. They will oversee the program for accuracy, and chart its success by collecting data and producing annual reports.


Department of Health


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