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A quote may refer to any of the following: English phonology pdf.

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  • Create a small quote for your bathroom mirror or kitchen or a large wall quote as the main decorative piece of a formal or living room. Easy to Install: All wall quotes are shipped with transfer tape for easy one-time installation of your entire quote and/or graphics.

Go into Canva and design a new document with your custom dimensions. Add a new text box to the document and choose whatever font your want your sign to be. Try and fill the page to the desired size because the way it looks on the document is how it will look when it is printed.

1. More appropriately referred to as a quotation mark and alternatively referred to as a double quote or inverted commas, a quotation mark is a symbol ( ' ) on a keyboard. It is located next to the Enter key on a US QWERTY keyboard.

Where is the quote key on the keyboard?

Below is an overview of a computer keyboard with the quote key highlighted in blue.

How to create the quote symbol

Creating the quote symbol on a U.S. keyboard

Make A Quote Sign

To create the quote symbol using a U.S. keyboard hold down the Shift and press ', which is on the same key as the single quote ( ' ) and typically to the left of the Enter key.

Make A Quote Picture


For information about creating curly quote marks, see our curly quote definition.

Creating the quote symbol on a smartphone or tablet

To create a quote symbol on a smartphone or tablet open the keyboard and go into the numbers (123) or symbols (sym) section and then press your finger on the ' symbol.

What is a quote symbol used for on a computer?

How To Make A Quote Sign

Make A Quote Sign

Quote in computer programming

In computer programming, quotes contain text or other data. For example, in the below print statement, what you're printing to the screen is often surrounded by quotes. If surrounded by a single quote instead of a double quote, the string is treated as a literal string in many languages.

Make A Quote Sign

Quote at the command line

In a command line to recognize files or directories with spaces, they must be surrounded by quotes. For example, if you wanted to rename the file 'stats baseball.doc' to 'stats_baseball.doc' at the Windows command line, you could use the command below.

Make A Quote Sign

Quote in HTML

Quotes are an integral part of the HTML language. Consequently, to write a quote that is not part of an HTML tag, you need to use the "special character. In the example below, the HTML page would show 'example' with the quotes.

Quotes in scripting language

Quotes are also an important part of what makes other scripting and programming languages. To print the quotation mark symbols as output, you need to escape the quote. For example, below is similar to our first example, but is surrounding the printed message with quotes.


See our single quote page for further information and examples of using a single quote.

What is the other symbol on the quote key?

On U.S. keyboards, the quote key is shared with the single quote key, which may be shown next to or below the quote symbol. To create the quote, hold down the Shift while also pressing '.

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2. When writing in HTML, the <blockquote> tag formats an entire section or paragraph as a quote.


3. When referring to a value or price, a quote is an estimated cost for a job or service. For example, you may have a computer problem and a repair shop may quote you a price on how much it would cost to repair the problem.

4. A quote is a famous or popular saying by someone. A listing of some of Computer Hope's favorite quotes is on our quotes collection.

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How to make a quote poster.

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Customize your quote poster even more.

How To Make A Quote Sign With Cricut


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