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Learn English with our free online listening, grammar, vocabulary and reading activities. Practise your English and get ready for your Cambridge English exam. Vocabulary list with words of jobs and occupation - Learning English Online. Practise your English grammar with clear grammar explanations and practice exercises to test your understanding. All learners, whatever their level, have questions and doubts about grammar as they're learning English and this guide helps to explain the verb tenses and grammar rules in a clear and simple way.

List of minimal pairs in english. Vocabulary and useful phrases relating to employment, jobs, resumes and interviews, for learners of English. Learn English Today Free materials and resources for learners of English. All jobs have common phrases and expressions that are helpful to know. Working in an office requires speciliazed vocabulary no matter what language you speak. There are many common office supplies that you will want to be able to locate in an office setting. That's why we put together this list of English vocabulary for the office. In this lesson, you will learn the most common vocabulary you.

Play some word games to learn and practise jobs vocabulary.

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Play a word game to learn and practise more jobs vocabulary.
This boy's family all work with animals. Does he want to work with animals too when he grows up? Watch and find out!
What do you want to be when you are older? What do you think are the best and the worst jobs?
Watch Sam and Pam as they find out about different jobs. Can you spot the words with tricky spellings?
What job will Kitty do when she grows up? Do you know how to use 'will' for future predictions? Watch the video and find out!
Print the worksheet about work and complete the exercises to help you practise your English!
Do you know who Kamala Harris is? Watch the video to find out about this very special woman and her new job.

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The meaning of words relating to employment or jobs.

BackgroundEducation - qualifications - experience
BonusAdditional payment to an employee as an incentive or reward.
Curriculum vitaeSummary of one's education and experience to date; resume.
DismissDischarge from employment (also: to fire, to sack, to let go).
EmployeePerson who works for a firm or company.
EmployerPerson or firm who employs people.
FireTo dismiss from a job.
Fringe benefitsAdvantages offered in addition to salary (life insurance, retirement scheme, company car, etc.). Also called 'perks', abbreviation for 'perquisites'.
HireEmploy or take on personnel in a company.
InterviewOral examination of a candidate for employment.
Make redundantDismiss for economic reasons.
Maternity leavePeriod of absence for a female employee when giving birth a baby.
NoticeAdvance warning of intention to leave one's job -to give or hand in one's resignation.
PersonnelPeople who work for a firm or company (employees).
Personnel officerManager responsible for recruitment, training and welfare of personnel (employees).
PromotionAdvancement in rank or position in a company.
ProspectsOpportunities for success or promotion in a career.
RecruitLook for and hire personnel.
ResignLeave a job voluntariily.
RetireLeave employment because of age, typically on reaching the normal age for leaving service.
Sick leaveAbsence because of illness - to be on sick leave.
StaffPeople who work for a firm or department; employees.
StrengthStrong characteristic or particular ability.
StrikeTo go on strike : to stop working in protest against something.
Take onEmploy or hire.
TraineePerson being trained for a job e.g. a trainee salesman.
Training courseA course of study to prepare for a job e.g. a computer course.
Unemployment benefitsPayments made by the state to an unemployed person.
VacancyA position to be filled in a company or firm.
WeaknessA lack of ability or a shortcoming in character.

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