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Frustrated learners often do not know that writing English is the most difficult task. People who learn to speak the language first learn spelling and composition more easily later. People with some experience in speaking English as a Second Language 英语作为第二语言 usually learn more quickly if they learn. Iff you already know how to speak, read, write, and listen to the English language, you could connect properly with different nationalities and you do not need to fear when you are in a foreign area. Communication is crucial and that is why businesses, educational institutions, and immigration departments now require one’s English language.

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Learn Speak English Properly

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Sometimes it is the simple things that we take for granted. If you grew up in an English-speaking home, chances are you also speak English and you probably do not even think much about it. However, it is amazing how many “native speakers” of English use the language incorrectly. Even if you already speak English, learning grammar can help you take it to the next level.

Using verbs and subjects that do not agree are one of the most common errors in English. Learning how to make them agree can make your speech that much better. For example, you would not say “the students is going to the party” you would instead say “the students are going to the party”. A plural subject requires a plural form of the word. Phrasal verbs list and meaning.

Along similar lines is getting your verbs to agree with the tense of the sentence. When speaking English, learning to do this will make your sentences flow a lot smoother. For example, you would not say “at dinner last night, she eat too much roast beef” buy you would say “at dinner last night, she ate too much roast beef”.

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A third common error in English is having run-on sentences. A run-on sentence incorrectly puts together two independent thought. For proper English learning, you need to know how to use your punctuation. You would not say “the baby is not asleep she is awake and crying” but instead would say “the baby is not asleep; she is awake and crying”.

These are just some of the more common errors for English. Learning all of the rules will make your English better. It will make you sound more educated, and can make a big difference in your life. It can help give you that edge over the competition when applying for college or a job. It may mean that people take you more seriously when you speak. Proper English learning can change your life!