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Business English

Chinese-English dictionary. Learn Chinese characters. Traditional Chinese characters. Chinese-English etymological dictionary. Here you will find English tests online to test your listening, memory, vocabulary, reading and comprehension, spelling and grammar skills. Some of the tests will open up in a new browser window, when you have finished the game just close the window.

Business English abbreviations test - How much do you know about abbreviations used in business?

Job Titles - Do you know who does what in a company?


Which department - Can you name the departments in a company?

Any vs Some


Been vs Gone

Borrow vs Lend

By vs Until

Check vs Control

He's vs His

Human Man People Person Persons

I / Me / My

Say / Tell / Ask

There / Their / They're

To / Too / Two

Where / Were / Wear / We're

Who / Whose / Whom

Learn english hd photos

Check out the common English mistakes page for explanations.

Grammar Tests

Test your English grammar

Active Voice or Passive Voice

Adjective Order


Adjectives - comparative

Adjectives - comparative vs superlative


Articles - a / an / nothing

Articles - a / an

Articles - a / an / nothing

Auxilliary Verbs - Do/Does/Have/Has

Auxilliary Verbs - To be or not to be

Case - I or me etc-

Compound Nouns

Conditionals - Type I

Conditionals - Type II

Conditionals - Type III

Countable / Uncountable Nouns

Gerund / Infinitive

-ing -ed Adjectives

Irregular Verbs (can be played by one or two players)

Like - To like, to look like, to be like

Match the short forms

Personal or Possessive

Possessive Adjectives

Possessive Case

Prepositions of Movement

Prepositions of Place

Prepositions of Time

Present Perfect Verbs

Pronouns - I vs me

Pronouns - Reflexive

Open (Wh.) Questions

Reply- Choose the correct reply from the selection given.

Reported Speech

Some vs any

Tag questions


Test your tenses - New mixed tenses test

They're, There or Their - short form, preposition or possessive?

This That These Those Here There

Used to vs to be used to - Tricky!

Verbs - Regular or Irregular

Was vs Were

Learn spanish photo

!Learning Tip!if you find a test difficult go to that section of the grammar page. Use the Picture It sections wherever possible to help you


Test your memory with these concentration games:-

Memory Test - Household Items

Memory Test - Facial Features

Memory Test - Numbers 1 to 5

Memory Test - Numbers 6 to 10

Memory Test - Fruit #1

Memory Test - Fruit # 2

Memory Test - Vegetables

Memory Test - More Numbers for two players- (requires Adobe Shockwave Player)

Memory Test - Opposites for two players- (requires Adobe Shockwave Player)

Memory Test - More Opposites

Memory Test - Photo Fit Face

Memory Test - Eating

Memory Test - Short forms

Memory Test - Transport

Memory Test - Plurals

Memory Test - Animals

Mind the Gap

Gap fill exercises.

Mind the gap - Television

Mind the gap - Health

Placement Tests

Test your level of English grammar and vocabulary:-

Beginner - You can use simple sentences and ask basic questions.
Lower Intermediate - You can communicate in everyday situations and write simple texts.
Upper Intermediate - You can follow and take part in a variety of conversations. You have a wide vocabulary.
Advanced - You have an excellent command of the language and can speak with confidence with native speakers.

Level 1 - Beginner Grammar

Level 2 - Lower Intermediate Grammar

Level 3 - Upper Intermediate Grammar

Level 4 - Advanced Grammar

Learn English Hd Photos

Reading and Comprehension

Test your reading and comprehension skills (opens in new window)

Learn to teach english in thailand

Learn English Through Photos

Comprehension Test - Shopping

Comprehension Test - Eating Out

Comprehension Test - New Neighbours

Comprehension Test - The Job Interview

Comprehension Test - Coming to tea

Comprehension Test - Opening an account


Comprehension Test - Bradley Wiggins

Comprehension Test - The Ugly Duckling

Comprehension Test - Shopping

For the following tests, read the text first.

Text Active Listening - Comprehension Test

Text Video Games - Comprehension Test

Text Understanding Speed Reading - Comprehension Test

Text Body Language - Comprehension Test

Text - The Tall Man - Comprehension Test

Text - Cutting Down - Comprehension Test

Sorting and Matching

Negative agreement grammar. Match the lists or put them into order according to the instructions:-


The Alphabet - Match the upper case and lower case letters

In the Office - Match the task to the item.

Words That Rhyme

Match It - Buildings

Match It - Clothes

Match It - Eating In

Match It - Eating Out

Match It - Education

Match It - Fruit

Match It - Food - Fruit and Veg

Match It - Hotels

Match It - Jobs

Match It - In the Kitchen

Match It - Meanings

Match It - Military Phrases

Match It - Money

Match It - Opposites

Match It - Singular and Plural

Match It - Rooms and houses

Match It - Shopping

Match It - Vegetables

Match It - World Capitals


Replace the words - Very.

Choose the right word(s) - Food