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Online English classes via Skype and Virtual Classrooms. Under the guidance of a native and professional English tutor! Choose between individual 1-1 classrooms or pair up with your friend, colleague, or partner for lessons in a group of 2! Learn English online under the guidance of a highly qualified English teacher. English lessons by Skype are a very interactive way to learn English. You will be amazed to see how technology can help you get private lessons with an English teacher as if he was in your living room. The advantages of English lessons via Skype Simple: Skype is a great way to learn English with native-English teachers wherever you are.

  1. Engoo is good for practicing conversations and revising English grammar. You can always find a native teacher, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I've tried language exchange programmes, but they never worked as well as E.
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Do You Use Skype? Skype is a Great Service for Voice or Video Calling. You Can Use Skype to Practise Speaking with other English Learners (and Teachers).

The Only Difficult Part is Finding a Partner!?

It’s Never been Easier to Find a Suitable English Partner for Free! myEnglishClub has just made it Easier for You to Find other English Learners (and Teachers) on Skype. First Set Up Your Skype Account. Then Follow These Easy Steps and Get Talking!

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  1. Sign Up for myEnglishClub (MyEC).
    Joining MyEC is so Easy! [Sign Up for Free!]
    Note: Please be Patient! Sometimes it takes Some Days to be Approved as a MyEC Member.
  2. Join Skypers Group.
    This Group is Dedicated to all People who are Skypers and would Like to Exchange Skype IDs for Improving their English.
    To Join Skypers Group, Click On “Join Us!” Button In The “Find Your Partner” Page Of The Group.
  3. Share Your Skype ID in the Group’s “Find Your Partner” Page.
    You can Introduce Yourself to our Members. Write a Comment about Yourself, Your Timezone and Your English Level.
    Pay Attention to the Skype ID You are Sharing! Without a Correct Skype ID, other English Learners (And Teachers) cannot Find You!

Learn English Online Via Skype Free Version

NOTE: Both Groups on MyEC and Skype are Under the Direct Supervision of [Skypers Group Admin].


What to Talk About on Skype?

Learn English Online Via Skype Free

You can Use Skype to Chat Informally (Get to Know Each other) or Practise Specific English Skills (i.e. Practise Asking and Answering Questions in a Certain Tense). Here is a List of Resources you can Use to Spark a Skype Discussion:

Skype English Version

  • The Learning English Video Project: Watch One of the Films before You Skype. Click on “Classroom Worksheet” and do the Activities together on Skype.
  • The Monthly News Digest: Each month there are 4 Discussion Questions.
  • Use the Talking Point Discussion Forum: You will Never Run Out of Things to Talk about. Work your Way Down the List.
  • Practise Small Talk: Try all of the Different Scenarios and Conversation Starters in these Pages.
  • Practise Dialogues: There are many Dialogues to Practise in the English for Work Section.
  • Discuss Health Issues: Each lesson in this Section has a Set of “Discussion” Questions.
  • Discuss the Environment: Each Lesson in this Section has a Set of “Discussion” Questions.
  • Make up Your Own Set of 10-20 Questions. Interview your Skype Partner. (Take Turns Asking and Answering Questions.)

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