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The British Council site for English learning is an excellent resource for all aspects of the language. When it comes to English grammar, they offer interactive online exercises so you can practice the rules you learn. Here are the grammatical matters available on the grammar exercise page. Welcome to Logic of English Online. Together we can teach all students how to read and spell! New content now includes interactive video! Interactive Activities. Practice core content with online games and activities. But in teaching children how to read. It is a powerful opportunity to learn about reading instruction and develop a. Learn or teach English using our interactive online platform: fun and illustrated course activities and exercises.

The universal language! The language of opportunities! The gateway to the international arena! English is all these and much more! If you are looking for a place to learn English most authentically, and accurately, you have come to the right place.

We provide free English lessons for kids here. The stories, games, quizzes, and worksheets given here are great ways for English learning with fun. Make use of this opportunity to learn English online. The material given here is comprehensive, and answers all your English learning needs: be it vocabulary, grammar, listening, or reading comprehension.

In the globalized world of the 21st century, technology plays a vital role in language teaching and learning. Online language learning opportunities, especially English learning opportunities, are increasingly in demand in the modern age. We at Kids World Fun realize this demand, and provide you with a number of fun learning activities to learn English.

Go ahead; experience the thrill of learning this global language, from authentic and expert sources. Learn english listening comprehension.

English Learning Activities

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Learn English for free! Here we will help improve your English by teaching you grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening skills.You will find:
  • over 300 vocabulary lists with games to help you practice
  • many audio examples to practice listening to English
  • authentic dialogues about current issues

Learn English Interactive Games Online

Just pick a topic and get started learning English!
The best of the best: here are units that other English-language learners find the most helpful! Learn the English alphabet, the verb tenses, or the colors in English.
Get to know the crazy lives of the Fernandez family and learn the basics of English at the same time! The course has eight lessons with many exercises and audio examples, and is made for both beginners and advanced learners of English.
Learn new words with over 300 vocabulary lists. Here you can study words for clothing, animals or transportation. With games and other exercises to help you remember new words.
Here you can learn English grammar, like: verb tenses or irregular verbs. Simple exercises and fun games will help you practice and improve your skills.
Improve your understanding of the English language by listening to English audio examples, like audio books and famous political speeches. Test your skills afterwards with many fun exercises.
Improve your English pronunciation with help from our listening examples! Start by learning the English alphabet and then learn how to say the English th or the difference between two, to, and too!
Learn English for free with us! We have a new learning portal that you shouldn't miss! There is a complete course with over 60 conversational situations to listen to and many exercises to help you practice your English. Learn how to , and much more!

Learn English Online Interactive Course

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Learn English Online Interactive Games

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