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Home Videos Learn colors for kids – 3 years old – Easy English For Children Learn colors for kids – 3 years old – Easy English For Children Debbie Feb 23, 2021 comments off. My favourite colour is sky blue, pink, blue, red colour.Because Sky Blue is the colour of sky. Pink is the colour of my favourite flower. Blue is the colour of the sea. Red is the colour of the rose. It is the symbol of beauty, purity, affection and love. Learn english teens eating out.

Kids english video for kids

How to play

Learn English Kids Colours

If kids are new to the topic, or if they need some help with their spelling, introduce the vocabulary by using our Vocabulary Words list before playing the game. Otherwise, they may find it quite difficult.

To start, choose the task from the menu at the top of the game board. The tasks are numbered from one to twelve, but you can choose them in random order. The selected task will be highlighted in yellow. Now you can see one word and four black and white pictures of four different words. Choose the picture that matches the word.

If you are right, the picture of the word will appear in colour and you hear the pronunciation. Also, the word will change its colour.

Then try the next task. Look at the menu. Each solved task will be marked by colouring its number in green or blue (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 in green; 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 in blue).

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Learn about colours (requires Real Player).

Primary Colours

Learn English Kids Colours Lessons

In art, there are three primary colours. These are colours that cannot be made by mixing other colours together. They are - red, blue, and yellow:-
If you mix two primary colours together, you create what is called a secondary colour. Mixing red and blue creates purple; blue and yellow make green and yellow and red make orange.
Tertiary colours are neutral colours such as browns and greys.
If you mix three primary colours together, you get a tertiary colour or if you mix a primary colour and a secondary colour you get a tertiary colour.

Black and White

Black darkens a colour.
White makes a colour lighter.
Light blue Opposite Dark blue
Light green etc..

For example:-

The Union Jack is red, white and blue.
The German flag is black, red and yellow.
Penguins are black and white.
Aubergines are purple.
Lettuce is green.
Lemons are yellow.
Oranges are orange!

Kids English Video For Kids

Learn English Kids Colours

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