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Learn how to promote creativity in your team. On the course examine and evaluate the different types of practice that promote creativity in football. You’ll learn the value of creative players and learn how to apply creative-development practices to your coaching. Try a new flexible, interactive type of CPD from experts in youth sport. In 30 hours of off-pitch learning (or 15 hours for 5 day course), players will improve English communication skills by completing projects designed to take them on a journey through different football professions, discovering life as a player, manager, analyst and journalist. Football Language Glossary - Learn English Through Football. The football language glossary is a page with a huge selection of football words, phrases and vocabulary organised in alphabetical order like a dictionary. Improve Your English.


Football and English Courses for Boys & Girls at the Home of Manchester City

Co-created by Manchester City Football Schools and accredited language providers, British Study Centres, our football and English courses are designed to help players develop essential communication skills both on and off the pitch, in authentic football contexts.

Through the use of digital learning tools and interactive language activities, players will go on an exciting language journey through the world of different football professions.



    Discover life in football as a player, manager, analyst and


    Develop language skills with our qualified teaching team.


    Learn from a unique syllabus taught through digital activities.

  • 30 hours of football and English sessions per week (15 hours for 5 day course)

  • Suitable for beginners, intermediate or advanced language speakers

  • Choice of 2-week or 5 day course focusing on different football professions

Learn english football
  • Manchester City-themed syllabus and materials

  • Fun and immersive football activities, e.g. commentating, punditry

  • Strong focus on building communication skills in real-life contexts

  • Access to interactive digital learning tools

  • Learn english with urdu translation. Pre-course online placement test with personal feedback

  • Access to self-study materials before and after the course


Delivered by Manchester City Football Schools coaches who are experienced in Manchester City’s philosophy and methodology, football training sessions will provide an authentic insight into how Manchester City players train on a daily basis. Players will receive 30 hours of football coaching (or 15 hours for the 5 day course), where coaches will continually integrate and reinforce learning both on and off the pitch.

Football coaching will focus on key areas such as:

Learn English Football League

  • Development of individual technique and skills
  • Challenging 1v1 practices
  • Team play and working together
  • Improved understanding of how Manchester City perform through playing games


Delivered by qualified teachers with a passion for football, English language sessions draw on interactive technology to make learning an enjoyable and memorable experience. In 30 hours of off-pitch learning (or 15 hours for 5 day course), players will improve English communication skills by completing projects designed to take them on a journey through different football professions, discovering life as a player, manager, analyst and journalist.

Each morning they will learn about key elements of the profession, and each afternoon they will put these skills into practice in real-life activities, such as:

  • Press conference and media interviews
  • Football analysis and punditry
  • Match commentating and discussion
  • Video and written journalism projects

Learn English Free


Our players learn English through real-life activities that happen every day in the world of professional football, employing their language skills in authentic contexts.

Aneirin Thomas – director of studies, Manchester City Football School’s Language

Learn English Football


In the evenings players can relax with friends in social activities at the residence, such as games nights and sports nights.


At the weekend, players will go on a tour of the Etihad Stadium, as well as visit an exciting location outside of Manchester such as Alton Towers, and the National Football Museum.


The language journey starts before players arrive and continues after they leave, with individual access to digital educational learning tools designed to help them make the most of their time on the course. Learn german from english.


  • All players will receive access to an online football-themed language placement test for an initial indication of their level

Learn English Online

  • Each player will receive personal feedback, advising them on development areas before the course starts
  • Pre-arrival online self-study materials will also be provided, covering football basics on fun interactive software


  • Language summaries will be provided regularly, so players can easily refer to what they’ve learnt once they’ve left
Learn English Football
  • Access to interactive online self-study materials will continue to be available for players for a period beyond their course


Learn English Football Vocabulary

Summer 2021 14 – 17 Years


Learn English Through Football

Summer 2021 14 – 17 Years


Summer 2021 9 – 13 Years


Summer 2021 9 – 17 Years

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