Learn English By Movies With Subtitles

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This course is updated regularly with new classes with English subtitles. This course is for all English levels. If you are a beginner or intermediate or even at an advanced level of English, you'll learn a lot. Note: You're going to watch a portion of a movie through an external link on YouTube. 6 Minute English. This BBC series includes a collection of English videos with subtitles that are.

Want to learn English in British and American accent? Here are some of the best movies to learn English with subtitles.

One of the best ways to learn English almost without noticing is to integrate it into your leisure activities. So if you’re a hard-core movie buff, why do not you try putting some animation, comedy or drama films in American or British accent?

Watching movies in English will allow you to see how thislanguage is used in countless different situations and to learn vocabulary and expressions intheir real contexts, as well as to fine-tune your listening skills. Inaddition, you can enjoy the real interpretation of the actors and a lot ofjokes and puns.

Guide to get to see the best movies to learn English as it should

  • Choose a movie. If possible, you already know or have seen. Well, you will not get lost in the argument.
  • Put the film in English with English subtitles. With the passage of time, you should try to see them without subtitles to see if you can understand everything without the help of the text.
  • Do not treat it like a marathon. We repeat: this is a method to learn English in a fun way. Fun, not boring! So it is better that you see every day half an hour or a whole hour of film in English.
  • Write down every word you do not understand and look it up in the dictionary. So you already know; have a paper, pencil and dictionary at hand. Although it may seem tired, take note of each and every one of the words you do not understand. You will appreciate it.
  • Check the meaning of the new words. After a few days of watching the movie, read the list of terms you wrote and try to use them in some phrase.
  • Practice your pronunciation. Repeat aloud some of the phrases that the actors say, and try to imitate their intonation.

Learn American English Through Movies With Subtitles

The 9 best movies to learn English with subtitles

As you can see it is very easy and simple to carry out these steps. And we assure you they will be very useful if you are able to fulfill them continuously over time. Anyway, in case you are not sure what movie to put, we have compiled a list of the best movies to watch in English (in the style of the best apps to learn English). Do you know them all?

Forrest Gump

This is one of the best movies to learn English for beginners (American accent). Why? Because, this classic has a simple and uncomplicated language and its protagonist speaks very slowly, so it’s perfect to start learning English while reviewing recent American history. Another of its advantages is that surely you’ve seen it on occasion, but even if you have not done it, the plot is very easy to follow.

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Love Actually

If romantic comedies are your thing, look no further. In this comedy film, you will see the stories of 8 different couples seeking love in London in the month before Christmas. The characters have different ways of speaking and accents, so it’s great to accustom your ears to different situations.

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Toy Story

Being aimed at the little ones in the house, animated films usually have a simple story and vocabulary. But Toy Story is also very attractive to adults thanks to its “hidden jokes”. Ideal to see as a family with your children, nephews or small cousins.

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Notting Hill

Learn english by movies with subtitles download

This is one of the best films to learn English on the intermediate level. This is a romantic comedy in which the owner of a bookstore meets the biggest movie star in the world. Each of them is from a different continent, so it is the best choice to listen to the differences between British and American English. If you want to train your musical ear, the central theme of the soundtrack (When you say nothing at all, by Ronan Keating) is quite accessible.

Harry Potter

Who does not know the adventures of the young magician? With these films you will hardly miss any part of the story: its pronunciation is not difficult to understand, it has actors with very different accents and its plot is well known by all.

Learn English By Movies With Subtitles

Indiana Jones

Another saga worthy of mention, and not only because it is very useful when learning English. Short dialogues, simple questions, direct answers … All the necessary ingredients so you can follow your plot without difficulty.

The King’s Speech


Since the central theme is the way of talking about King George VI, this film is much more enjoyed in its original version. If you fight with the English pronunciation, you will surely identify with the protagonist. And thanks to the character of the speech therapist, you can learn tricks to improve your diction.


The little alien who conquered us with his childhood charm to all as he discovered our world. A film loaded with simple questions and answers, often explained slowly (so that the poor ET, and now you, could understand perfectly).

My Fair Lady

Although some of their dialogues are very easy to follow, others are a real tongue twister. However, as with ‘The King’s Speech’, you will learn many tricks to improve your pronunciation, to differentiate different British accents, and a lot of vocabulary thanks to the songs of such a great classic.


Indian Movies With English Subtitles

Obviously, there are many other movies that will be very useful to practice this language. Remember that the most important thing is that they are of your taste, that you want to see them; well, you will be more predisposed to learn English with them. Anyway, let’s not fool ourselves, there is nothing better than an English course to master this language. Although if you declare yourself self-taught, you might find these apps to learn languages for free interesting. And if your passion is for movies, why do not you take a look at these “movie” titles? please do share your experience with us. And, also, share this article with your social friends. Thank you.