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Improve your English listening with this series of free English lessons. Practise listening to dialogues and understanding natural English conversations. All lessons include a script, vocabulary notes and exercises to help you learn and use new language. Enjoy browsing through these Oxford Online English archives.

Basic English lessons to help you learning the basics of the English language

Learning the basics of the English language. Choose a basic English lessons that are listed below. They are for people that have little or no experience of the English language or you might want to refresh on some basics. The lessons are in no particular order pick and choose which lesson you want to learn.

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Basic English lessons

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Basic English lessons SubjectDescription of the basic English lesson
English AlphabetLearning the Alphabet with words and images
English Numbers 1 to 100English lesson learning numbers 1 - 100
Fruit and Vegetables picturesLearning the Fruit and vegetables with words and pictures
Greetings and introductionsLearning how to greet someone
Basic English learning Basic wordsBasic English lesson
Learning coloursLearning some basic colours
Basic shapesWhat shape is it?
Personal Computer partsDifferent parts of the computer
Can - you English lessonHow to use the words 'can' and 'you'
JobsDifferent types of jobs
Learning clothesLearning about clothes for men, women and babies
Body partsArm, leg, knee ext. Learning about body parts
Head partsLearning head parts
Computer accessoriesThings you can use with a computer
Ordinal numbersNumbers used for ranking thing
Types of foodLearn about meats, fruit, poultry and vegetables
A - AnBasic English - how to use each 'a', 'an'

** These lessons are included in level 1 basic **

A list of all English lessons

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The basic English lessons above have been taken from level 1 basic to make it easier for you to see some of the more basic ones have been grouped together.


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Learning Basic English

Learning basic English - help and support

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Use the online English dictionary to help with any words that you don't understand.

If you are struggling with an English lesson take a break and try again later.

Easy pace Learning online dictionary and how to use dictionaries

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Basic English Courses online, free

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