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How you can adjust your accent so it’s similar to a British English accent? Well, one of the features of Indian English is that it has an underlying influence from Hindi or dialects of Hindi, which are syllable timed. Outwith definition dictionary. This is very different to the way British English is spoken, as British English relies on patterns of rising and falling. OK, so our English school is based in London, so we are a bit biased towards the British English accent. However, there are loads of English accents around the world and different dialects (this means language that is specific to a particular local region or social class of people) of English.

You can learn to speak clearly and confidently with a Received Pronunciation British accent with my British Accent Training Course.


To learn a new accent, you first need to be aware of the different SOUNDS that make up that accent. You need to teach yourself to HEAR these different sounds - some of which may not be used in your native accent. Becoming aware of these new sounds and learning how to form these sounds with your vocal organs is the first step in acquiring an accent.
'Familiarise yourself with the new sounds that make up this new accent'

The videos below are all extracts from my British Accent Training Course : The Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource.

Take a look at how I cover the SOUNDS in my Ultimate British Accent Training Course:

Practice these new sounds : First by making the sounds in isolation and then hearing and repeating WORDS that use each of the particular sounds.

Have a quick look at how I use WORDS to help you learn to speak English with an RP British accent:
Once you feel confident with the SOUNDS and WORDS of the British accent, then you can move onto the SPEECH elements. Putting the words into sentences and listening and having conversations.
Here is a sample of whats covered in the SPEECH modules of the course:

Learn British English Accent Pdf Format

Get your copy of the British Accent Training course now and start improving your speaking voice today:

Available for immediate digital download now and start learning right away! Only £49.99

  • feel confident
  • speak freely and easily
  • communicate without fear of being asked to repeat yourself or being misunderstood
  • improve your job prospects and earning power
All this can be achieved when you learn to communicate effectively and clearly. Speaking English in an accent that is quickly and easily understood breaks down the communication barriers. Click on the button below and start speaking with an RP British Accent

British English Accent Training

The Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource – Audio and video training to improve your British Accent


Why improving your accent is so important

You’re looking to improve the sound of your RP British accent. You’re looking to find training material to help you speak like a native British speaker.

You need to improve your accent because:

~ Your job requires you to have an accent that’s easily understandable to an international client base. ~ Your next acting role or audition requires an authentic sounding RP British accent ~ You’re coming to the UK to study and you would prefer to speak with a neutral sounding accent ~ Your English speaking exams are coming up and you’d like to pass with Top Marks!

A good British accent is one that is easily understandable to your colleagues, fellow students, customers and clients. A good British accent can:

- help you pass your English exams - impress your colleagues and bosses - give you an advantage in the workplace – boost chances of promotion and increases job prospects - boost employability with international companies - improve self-confidence - get a pay rise and increase your salary


What’s so good about this Training Material?

Many training materials are text based only. Not this one. The Ultimate RP British Accent combines audio and video training material. Letting you hear and see a native British speaker with an RP British accent.Alison is a professional Voiceover artist and has extensive experience recording training and educational presentations with her native British accent. Her voice has been employed by international companies because of its clarity, elegance and legibility. Her voice and accent is the Real thing – not overly posh, but natural and distinctive. The Ultimate British Accent gives you the advantage over your fellow employees and students. While they are learning through company training manuals or traditional school texts – you will have the latest British accent training in Audio and Video from a native speaker who is a technically and vocally experienced voiceover artist. It’s not easy learning the correct pronunciation through reading the words on the page. Wouldn’t it be easier to hear a native RP British accent voice, speak the words slowly and clearly to help you understand how the words should sound so you can copy and repeat correctly.

How To Learn English Accent

    What’s wrong with Text Books?

    Nothing, but the problem with text based learning is its sometimes difficult to grasp the correct pronunciation in an RP British accent through the words and symbols alone.

    Listening to a native speaker can speed up the learning process, but also helps you learn the RIGHT way to pronounce the words and phrases. I’ve been contacted by British accent students who have tried to learn the accent through text based learning who have found out later that they have been pronouncing certain words incorrectly, causing confusion and embarrassment when speaking with native British speakers. They have been so pleased to finally find audio and video training to help them correct their speech and avoid making pronunciation mistakes in the future. Make sure you don’t suffer the same embarrassment and use audio and video pronunciation guides wherever possible!

    So, if you want to avoid - learning incorrect pronunciation - finding out about perfectly acceptable alternative pronunciation of certain words - the feeling of embarrassment or humiliation if asked to repeat what you have just said if your accent is not readily understandable

    Then The Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource could be the solution you’re looking for.

    - faster learning through audio and video training modules - variety of learning resources covering a wide range of topics - hear the correct pronunciation from a professional Voiceover artist with a native RP British Accent

    What’s covered in the training modules:

    The Sounds In The British Accent Presentation – both mp3 audio file and MP4 video file

    Collection of 10 Mp3 audio files of extra vocab for further pronunciation practice. Practice the sounds of: Long vowels, Affricates, Laterals, Semi-Vowels, Nasal Consonants, Short vowels, Plosives, Fricatives and Diphthongs

    Also included in the package:

    If you spend time on the Telephone talking to British customers or clients, then you may find my Telephone Conversations Vocab and Role-plays module useful. Listen and repeat common telephone phrases and Vocab.

    Do you often hear English phrases and sayings and wonder what on earth they mean? I’ve collected together 100 English Phrases/Sayings /Idioms to help explain their meanings and their pronunciation.

    Do you work in HR, Sales, Marketing, IT or Advertising? If so, I have produced a module of Industry Vocab to cover common vocabulary and phrases used in these areas of work. Coming soon, module on Finance/Banking, which has been requested by several British accent subscribers!

    Do you have trouble knowing how to form the sounds in the British accent? Do you know what shape to make your mouth, lips and tongue for certain Sounds? I’ve created a video of Spoken Sounds to help! Recorded footage of the close up of the mouth to show how the sounds are made. Watch and copy and practice.

    There are some English words that are often mispronounced. Check out the Mispronounced Words module to make sure you’re not currently mispronouncing the selection of words included in the module. As you will hear, even I have problems correctly pronouncing some of them!!

    Have you noticed that the sounds of some words change when spoken at a natural conversation pace by native speakers? Find out more about how and why this happens in the Connected Speech module.

    Do you know how to say the most common 500 English words? This module covers the top 500 words and sentences, which include each word – Top 500 Common Words with Sentences.

    Do you know the most popular Verbs? This module covers the Top 300 Verbs; to help with your pronunciation of the most commonly used verbs.

    Wouldn’t it be useful to hear general conversations and role play situations? Listen to 40 Conversations that cover everyday situations from booking a hotel room to talking about the weather. Great examples for you to listen to, copy and practice.

    Click on the infographic to the left for a list of all the modules included in the programme.

    Now you have the chance to purchase the Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource for the early bird offer of £29.99 Buy now and start improving your accent right away! Putting you on the path to perfecting your RP British accent…



    Player capable of playing MP4 Video Files – can be found FREE on the internet

    Player capable of playing MP3 Audio Files – can be found FREE on the internet

    IMPORTANT: This product is a digital download so is non-returnable & non-refundable. You will need a video player such as RealPlayer on your PC/laptop to view the video MP4 files & a suitable audio player to listen to the MP3 audio files. If you cannot download files to your machine, please register your interest to join the private membership site rather than purchasing the download files.

    Please Note: The Video files are in Mp4 format, you will need a Video player such as RealPlayer to open them. Microsoft Word will not play video files

Learn British English Accent Pdf Translator

This is a Digital Download product - not available on CD !

Once you’re downloaded the training material, you may find that this infographic comes in handy. This offers a short guide as to how you can use the Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource. Of course, you can follow your own route through the training material, but if you are at a loss as to where to start this could be helpful!: